How the Nike x Travis Scott x Fragment Collaboration Changed the Sneaker Game

How the Nike x Travis Scott x Fragment Collaboration Changed the Sneaker Game
Every once in a while, a new sneaker comes along which seems to break the internet due to its popularity, demand and ultimately what we refer to today as ‘hype’. In most cases, this is due to one of the dominating sneaker brands collaborating with an additional brand which is equally making moves within the scene. Put simply, sneakerheads go crazy for partnerships, collaborations and what we like to call ‘brand-childs’. Historically, it has always been conventional for two brands to partner up and we have seen some gems over the years. Many of which reaching ‘grail’ status and trade for eye-watering prices within the sneaker resell aftermarket.

In 2021, the sneaker and streetwear scene erupted with news that the highly coveted relationship between Nike/Jordan brand, Travis Scott and Fragment has officially been confirmed. Nike has already teamed up with Travis Scott and Fragment independently to produce some major top-tier sneakers (two of which notably on the Air Jordan 1 Silhouette), but this will be the first time that we see a 3-way link up within the scene. Three brands with a big following, high-demand and endearing creativity, a recipe for hype by any means.

The new Nike x Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 Hi not only revolutionizes the way we approach collaborations for the future, but has also innovated a new design concept. To the untrained eye, the sneaker can be easily identified as a collaboration between the three brands and upon closer examination you will see that Nike has taken two of their previously successful collaborations, the Nike x Fragment Air Jordan 1 and the Nike x Travis Scott Air Jordan 1, and merged them into one shoe… and it works!

We feel as though this is just the start of multi-collaborations, watch this space!

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